Meet Our Volunteers

We couldn't have the impact that we do without all of our hard-working, dependable, and committed volunteers! We will be posting our volunteer spotlights on this page to honor our volunteers who have served NCHFH and our community in exceptional ways.

Peter Hendrick

Peter Hendrick has been volunteering with Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity since July of 2019. After serving as a volunteer firefighter for nearly 20 years and a career in marketing and sales, Peter sought a new volunteer opportunity when he moved to Fayetteville. He chose NCHFH because he could use his skills, give back to his community, and tap into his home renovation passion.

Peter Hendrick HD_edited.jpg

The Roberts Road project was Peter’s first NCHFH volunteer experience, and he began helping with construction after the framing was finished all the way through the final prep. His goal is to help volunteers feel like they have truly contributed to the cause and hopefully walk away with a skill which will help them in their own home.

Even when Peter is not swinging hammers with us, he enjoys “home-based” renovation and restoration projects – his tools never get a rest! Peter and his wife have renovated over 14 homes together, yet he says that on nearly every NCHFH project he walks away with an acquired or enhanced skill he has yet to experience on his personal projects. He and his wife also enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Peter’s words of wisdom to others who are considering volunteering: “No matter your skill set or capability, you will make a contribution to the NCHFH cause. More importantly, you will increase your personal home management capability from the projects you work on and the team members you are partnered with. Not to mention, you get a chance to meet and work with some truly awesome people!”

Thank you, Peter, for your dedication to our mission and our volunteers!

Jeff Turner

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Jeff Turner has been volunteering with Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity since January of 2020. In high school and college, Jeff framed and remodeled homes. As a homeowner and rental property owner, he has enjoyed doing his own home improvement projects. After retiring, Jeff was searching for a way to give back to his community and fill his time. Habitat was a perfect fit! He first joined NCHFH wanting to build houses. Awaiting build opportunities, he volunteers at the ReStore in the lighting department and helps with Brush with Kindness projects. Jeff has also assisted with landscaping and signage for our East Broad Estates development.

When he’s not swinging hammers or helping out in the ReStore, Jeff is a family guy. He enjoys spending time with his two adult children, their children (one grandbaby and one on the way!) and his dogs. He also cares for his in-laws. His hobbies include traveling, ancestry and golfing.


Here are some words of wisdom Jeff has for others who are considering volunteering: “If you have a heart to help, there is nothing more rewarding than allowing your time, talent, and treasure to benefit those who are less fortunate. Be it helping someone in the ReStore or restoring someone’s home in a Brush with Kindness project – it all starts with a heart to help.”

Thank you, Jeff, for using your time, talent, and treasure to help others!